Alagna Valsesia is not only the well-known Freeride Paradise!

Alagna Your Home

When in


In Winter, off-piste ski lovers will enjoy the famous slopes of the Monterosa Ski area. Downhill skiers – no matter if they are beginners or experts - will discover 50 km of ski runs and delicious food at restaurants and huts on the slopes.

Alagna keeps many secrets that will make your holiday unforgettable, no matter the season you come.

Alagna Your Home



In Summer, you can spend your days in the nature hiking spectacular walking trails, or riding an e-bike, enjoy the landscape while reaching untouched old mountain villages.

You will meet cow breeds and their shepherds, perhaps just when they make cheese, or will get straight to a hut to taste local meals.

And more

And there is still much more, if you will: glacier ascents for mountaineers, up to the highest hut in the Alps, all the river sports you can imagine on the fresh waters of Sesia, paragliding…


If you like wine, Alagna offers the opportunity to taste great bottles from Alto Piemonte, to visit the vineyards at the mouth of Valsesia and get to know the winemakers and their labels.


If you like history, you will discover how the Walser population colonized the valleys surrounding Monte Rosa, starting from the thirteenth century, and still their well architected houses made of stone and larch wood make Alagna a unique gem and a cozy village.